X Marks the Spot

Today, we at CloudGenix are excited to share our new visual identity and website. Our goal with this refresh was to better align our appearance and branding with the capabilities and value we provide to customers: helping them embrace tomorrow’s WAN today. We enable them to take full advantage of the myriad benefits of the cloud-first world and gain much-needed agility in the otherwise stodgy domain of wide area networking.

The most prominent of these changes is our logo. Though the modifications are subtle, they are symbolic of the transformational shifts happening in networking. The network has lagged in comparison to innovation in application deployment, management, and infrastructure. What was once a series of loosely-connected devices operating on low-level packets of data must evolve to a series of intelligent, interconnected systems. These systems can no longer operate under the mentality of handling packets without context. They must understand how they are being used and by whom, with the ultimate goal of dynamically responding to ever-changing conditions to ensure high-level business objectives are met.

In our original logo, the ‘i’ was distinct with the dot colored CloudGenix orange. The ‘i’ was there to indicate three things. First, the shift to Internet-based computing, i.e. cloud and SaaS, and cloud management. Second, the change from unaware, unintelligent networking to an intelligent platform with deep understanding of how applications work, how they are performing, and how networking conditions affect them. Third and finally, the name of our hardware appliance family – the ION, or, Instant-On Network.

While the new wordmark uses the same font as the old, it has been redrawn to make it uniquely our own. Cloud is the new normal, and the once-prevalent dot over the ‘I’ has been moved into white space within the X. This whitespace indicates an intersection point, or a point of connection, between the left part of the X and the right, which represents how the CloudGenix AppFabric provides the connectivity point between your enterprise and the applications on which your business runs. The two right legs of the X are symbolic of applications being deployed in different places, symbolic of the cloud and your data center.

This new logo is now the anchor point of our branding, and the X itself is frequently used as a glyph in conjunction with a series of refreshed artwork pieces, each symbolizing the transformational shift businesses are undergoing today to migrate from a decades-old inflexible network architecture to one driven by policies that align with the needs of the business. The gestalt area of the X overlays with intersection points in the artwork to indicate a fabric of seamless connectivity and a continuum of change enabled by the agility received by utilizing an application-aware, self-healing network.

We’re excited about these changes as they directly reflect the paradigm shift that our customers and partners are facing. Legacy networking architectures yield inflexibility and present measurable difficulty to businesses that want to modernize, build a competitive advantage, and improve efficiency. In order to help meet these objectives, businesses must look to and implement a more intelligent network architecture. One that marries the needs and objectives of the business itself with the underlying implementation, handling, and enforcement of policy. One that has the understanding, responsiveness, and agility that comes through being adaptive and self-healing when problems arise. One that gives the insights and actionable analytics needed to glean information required to understand behavior and make intelligent decisions. That’s the AppFabric difference.

Joel and the team at CloudGenix