Uncommonly Well.

By Kim Reingeisen, VP of customer success at CloudGenix

SD-WAN CloudGenixOf all the skills I have learned during my time in the military, one that particularly resonates is that doing things uncommonly well results in your intended outcomes, most of the time… Granted some things are simply not in our control. For those days, having the ability to adapt and overcome is what saves the day.  No, there are no courses you can attend. It’s not a book you can read.  It’s not a TED Talk that will inspire you. It’s something forged over years of experience, past failures and success and most of all, seeing the world from someone else’s perspective, or as my father, Wayne, put it eloquently, “treat others as you would want to be treated.”  The cool thing was that he did not say this, he lived it.

I have had a long career working with enterprises, telcos and service providers. Prior to joining CloudGenix, I had a great experience working with some very talented people and amazing customers at a company out to change how security is delivered. Having 20 years at Cisco, primarily in customer facing roles, you gain a solid appreciation for what customers are trying to accomplish and you work hard to ensure they can deliver to their customers.  Here is where seeing the world through their eyes sets the context on how best to support them.

Customer Success, while being its own software and consulting segment now, is nothing new.  It’s a simple measurement of how customer’s value your services and products. You do not get it by adding surveys or through the creation of tools to reactively fix things customers are impacted by or a low score on a survey. While there are positive tenants to customer success buzz in the market that I can agree with, there are many that I do not, but we will leave that for another blog post or Ted Talk. For me, Customer Success is about delivering to customer expectations in everything we do and pushing to exceed their expectations.

Being a Customer Success leader, you ultimately are focusing on customer advocacy and that is the ultimate measure of success.  Joining CloudGenix, I am impressed with the team foremost. I am excited about how we are changing the game and providing customers a new experience not only with how we accelerate their business with our leading SD-WAN solution, but also in how we are working to provide them what they need to ensure their personal as well as business success.  This is customer advocacy.  Within CloudGenix, we are customer-centered company, as everything we do in our services and products is designed around customer needs and importantly, their expectations.

What I am looking to bring to our customers and our team is an “uncommonly well” experience.  In the military we referred to this as the hard right over the easy wrong.