Today we announce delivery of high-performance global access to Microsoft Azure Cloud

Today we are excited to introduce the CloudGenix Autonomous SD-WANTM and CloudBlades® platform integration with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN (vWAN), providing customers high-performance access to Azure cloud services from remote offices world-wide.

While enterprises of all sizes are rapidly adopting the cloud to gain agility, scale and performance, poor access to cloud applications from the remote office can hinder cloud migration projects. To address these challenges, CloudGenix has worked with Microsoft on a solution which provides secure, reliable  high-performance connections to Azure for remote offices world-wide. Azure vWAN provides a high-speed global network with minimal latencies. The CloudGenix Azure CloudBlade optimizes branch to Azure connectivity by securely and seamlessly integrating the enterprise network with Azure vWAN.

Azure vWAN provides a global network with minimal latencies. The 54 Azure regions distributed globally serve as hubs or entry points into the high-speed Azure network backbone. The CloudGenix CloudBlade connects each remote office to the closest Azure region using secure tunnels. These secure tunnels can be established over any WAN type, including low cost broadband connections. The CloudBlade then programs Azure to integrate the remote office  and the Azure network, eliminating complex VPN setup or routing protocol management. CloudGenix Autonomous SD-WAN prioritizes business applications on Azure by analyzing all available paths and using the highest performing path in real-time.

As your organization migrates new applications to Azure, uses new Azure regions or opens new remote offices, your enterprise WAN and Azure are synchronized. The CloudBlade eliminates the need for complex error prone operations. With CloudGenix, you can extend the benefits of Azure vWAN for branch-to-branch collaboration too. Remote offices connected to Azure hubs using CloudBlades can benefit from Microsoft’s high-speed global network backbone to communicate with each other. This approach ensures consistent user experiences across the enterprise.

Our customer ProAmpac, a leading global packaging company, manages remote offices across the US and Europe. Most of the offices have 2 to 3 different Internet connections for redundancy and diversity. Microsoft Azure with CloudGenix provides seamless, high-speed connectivity to Azure for all ProAmpac global remote offices and simplifies the deployment of Azure applications to the remote office.


We look forward to helping more companies optimize their branch to Azure connectivity by securely and seamlessly integrating their enterprise WAN with Azure Virtual WAN. Please join us for a Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN and CloudGenix demonstration webinar on Aug. 29 date at 10 a.m. PT time. You can

register here.