Enable Next-Generation Retail Experiences

AppFabric provides the foundation for retail businesses to deploy next-generation, immersive, digital experiences to their customers to increase revenue, improve customer loyalty, drive engagement, and simplify management of their business.

Enable Omni-Channel Apps

CloudGenix AppFabric seamlessly integrates multiple WAN transports including broadband to add capacity to the store, enabling adoption of omni-channel apps including mobile point of sale (POS), interactive video kiosks, virtual mirrors using video, and guest WiFi.

Securely Deliver the Cloud to the Store

Integrated application-aware zone-based firewall within CloudGenix ION keeps the perimeter of the store safe while connecting directly to the Internet. Keep the store safe while delivering cloud and SaaS applications to optimize your employee workflow with customer relationship management and collaboration.

Glean Unique Business Insights

CloudGenix AppFabric uniquely monitors health and performance of not only WAN links, but also actual application transactions. This level of granular monitoring exposes data that provides unique business insights into how the store is running including credit card authorization times, response times for inventory lookups, and purchase throughput.

Reduce Network Costs

CloudGenix AppFabric helps keep network costs under control by enabling seamless integration of broadband Internet alongside existing MPLS deployments. By controlling which applications can use which transport, retailers can reserve use of their MPLS network for critical data center apps and potentially mitigate bandwidth upgrades or even reduce MPLS capacity.