The Network Financial Businesses Deserve

AppFabric gives financial businesses the platform they need to ensure security and compliance without compromising performance, agility, or user immersion.

Immersive Digital Experiences

CloudGenix AppFabric allows you to seamlessly integrate broadband Internet alongside MPLS and other transports to add capacity. This enables deployment of next-generation digital experiences that drive brand loyalty and increase interaction, including video ATMs, digital signage, and interactive video kiosks.

Improve Core Application Performance

By continually monitoring performance and health of WAN links and application transactions, CloudGenix AppFabric chooses paths based on where the best user experience will be provided. Apps are prioritized and WAN links can be controlled by dictating which apps are allowed, ensuring the best performance for your core financial applications.

Consistent Security Perimeter

CloudGenix ION integrated application-aware zone-based firewall secures the Internet perimeter at the branch, and integration with cloud security service platforms ensures a consistent set of security perimeter technology for each branch.