Simplified Branch Office

AppFabric provides an elegant, modern WAN without the baggage of yesterday’s networking gear. With AppFabric, enjoy a simplified branch office with less hardware, lower cost, and better performance, security, compliance, and agility.

Reduce Branch Office Hardware

CloudGenix devices often reduce the number of hardware devices needed in the branch office. Deploy in conjunction with your existing router, firewall, and WAN optimization device, and then remove the unneeded pieces when you’re ready.

Lower Operational Cost

CloudGenix AppFabric presents a unified view of your WAN and applications including health and performance statistics. The WAN is configured and managed using easy-to-understand business policies for performance, security, and compliance, rather than complex low-level networking rules. Identify and remediate issues quickly and easily through actionable analytics.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

CloudGenix devices automatically connect to the CloudGenix cloud controller when connected to your network (Internet access required). From there, devices can be operational in a matter of seconds by assigning to a site and applying your policy. No need for console cables or complicated networking configurations.