Network and Application Visibility

AppFabric uniquely understands the health and performance of both the network and your applications. This understanding serves as the foundation for the AppFabric self-healing network and gives you unprecedented visibility and actionable insights into how your apps, sites, and WAN links are performing.

Comprehensive Performance and Availability Metrics

CloudGenix ION devices continually monitor performance and health for WAN links and application transactions, which are exposed through an intuitive cloud-delivered management portal, helping you understand how your network and applications are performing.

Actionable Insights

Statistics from WAN links and application transactions help identify when performance is degraded, service is disrupted, a server is taking too long to respond, or bad actors may be present on your network. CloudGenix gives you the data you need to quickly take action and remediate situations that hurt your business.

Resolve Performance Problems Quickly

Continuous monitoring of application transactions helps you eliminate fingerpointing by isolating performance problems to their source, whether it is the network, server, or application. CloudGenix helps isolate performance problems for apps deployed anywhere – in the data center, cloud, or SaaS.