Improve Application Performance

AppFabric goes beyond looking at network metrics and into understanding applications, health, and performance, to provide the best user experience for all users, all sites, and all applications, using any WAN transport.

Best User Experience Possible

CloudGenix AppFabric ensures the best user experience possible for your applications. By examining health and performance of not just WAN links but also actual application transactions and sessions, AppFabric prioritizes and ensures the best network path for each flow is used.

All Apps, All The Time

AppFabric ensures the best possible performance for all your apps including voice, video, cloud, transactional, and bulk. Unique metrics are gathered for each app, including throughput, MOS score, and transaction response time metrics, and are used to make policy enforcement decisions in real-time.

Ditch the Command Line Interface

Configuring AppFabric to set priorities for your applications and sites is as easy as choosing an application and choosing a performance tier — platinum, gold, silver, bronze. No complicated router configurations required means you don’t need a networking expert to set your application business priorities.

Self-Building, Self-Healing Network

CloudGenix ION devices automatically establish secure connectivity to build your network for you. Using policies you set for performance, security, and compliance, ION devices start handling applications accordingly. Should WAN performance or health issues be encountered, ION automatically heals to ensure uptime and the best possible performance.