Cloud and SaaS Adoption

AppFabric allows you to confidently integrate apps regardless of where they are deployed: in your data center, in the cloud, or Software as a Service. All with the performance, security, compliance, and agility you need for the challenges of tomorrow.

Deploy Cloud and SaaS Applications

CloudGenix AppFabric enables deployment of cloud and SaaS applications to branch offices seamlessly. By including direct Internet connections with automatic path selection, AppFabric ensures the best possible path is used, enabling seamless integration of apps regardless of where they are deployed.

Cloud and SaaS Application Performance

CloudGenix AppFabric continually monitors performance and health metrics of WAN links and application transactions to dynamically choose the best performing path for every session. Applications can be easily prioritized without complicated CLIs, allowing you to quickly set business priority and performance requirements for your cloud and SaaS applications.

Confidently Use Unified Communications as a Service

Leverage unified communications from cloud services with ease with CloudGenix AppFabric. Policies for performance coupled with direct Internet connections and dynamic path selection help ensure mission-critical collaboration apps including voice and video get the performance they need to keep employees productive.

Offload Private MPLS WAN Links

CloudGenix AppFabric helps keep Internet, cloud, and SaaS traffic off of private MPLS WAN links by allowing you to set policies for which WAN paths are allowed for each application, helping to mitigate bandwidth upgrades on expensive private circuits, and save capacity for data center applications.

Keep Providers Honest

Cloud and SaaS applications can prove problematic when performance problems arise. Providers often recommend checking your network, firewalls, and clients. With CloudGenix, eliminate fingerpointing by accurately identifying the source of performance problems—network, server, or application.