The SD-WAN Championships for Cisco Live attendees!


Last year, Cisco Live attendees put Cisco’s iWAN solution and CloudGenix ION to the test with several real-life use cases to determine the most powerful SD-WAN solution. No vendor spin was allowed, only customers directly testing Cisco and CloudGenix products. Three real-life use cases were tested by customers:

  1. Setting up remote office WAN in a zero-touch manner
  2. Enabling direct-to-internet policies for Office 365 and AWS on a per-application basis; traffic must be load-balanced across all available paths without needing to deploy additional devices “in the cloud”
  3. Using application and network insights to rapidly troubleshoot application performance problems without deploying additional software or hardware

Customer testing events were held across the US, and in test after test, CloudGenix not only emerged battle-hardened as the most powerful SD-WAN product, but also as the fastest and easiest to use. Cisco iWAN performed very poorly on the first use case and did not support the second and third use cases at all.

2017 Championships

For the 2017 Championships, given the failure of iWAN and Meraki, Cisco has a new offering with the acquisition of Viptela. While unanswered questions about which of Cisco’s platforms will be end-of-life swirl, we place no restrictions on Cisco, and allow Cisco to compete with any of its product sets. We will once again have customers test zero-touch branch WAN deployment, direct-to-internet for cloud applications and troubleshooting with native analytics. We will record the time taken for each activity by each customer, whether on Cisco products or CloudGenix products.

Will CloudGenix continue its dominance as the most powerful SD-WAN solution or will Cisco overtake CloudGenix? Find out for yourself by registering at the link provided below to attend the event on Tuesday 27th June at the Mandalay Bay. To make the event even more exciting, the fastest 11 amongst the customers to complete the testing will be treated to a Podium Party the next day.

2017 Podium Party

The top 11 time-trial winners will be taken to the Las Vegas Speedway on Wednesday 28th June, at 10:30 AM to celebrate and drive Ferraris and Lamborghinis! Doesn’t matter whether CloudGenix or Cisco wins, you win either way!

SD-WAN CloudGenix

Event info

What: SD-WAN Championships, end-customer testing & time-trials
When: June 27, 2017, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Where: Charlie Palmer Steak at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Register at: