Top 10 Things you Should Know About SD-WAN


When should I use SD-WAN?

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) has upended the traditional wide area networking (WAN) model and many businesses are asking when to use SD-WAN. 

SD-WAN is beneficial for a number of use cases, including:

  • I want to add bandwidth capacity to my branch offices using business Internet
  • I want to reduce my dependency on MPLS to reduce my WAN cost
  • I want to integrate SaaS applications and cloud platforms such as Office 365, AWS, Azure
  • I want to embrace digital transformation through video, kiosks, and other techniques
  • I want to simplify WAN management and provide better alignment to business policy
  • I want to reduce branch office hardware and devices to simplify manageability
  • I want to shift to a cloud-centric cloud security and threat prevention model

CloudGenix AppFabric provides best-in-class SD-WAN with application-centricity and automation.  This means that your business policy and WAN policy are uniquely aligned, leading to the best possible user experience with applications and the simplest configuration, management, and monitoring workflows.

So, when should I use SD-WAN?

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