Top 10 Things you Should Know About SD-WAN


So how does SD-WAN work? You know, the details…

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a transformative new way of building and  managing a wide area network (WAN).  Traditional WANs involved a series of packet-centric devices including routers to provide connectivity amongst sites.  Often, these devices are managed and monitored discretely using complex, archaic configuration interfaces such as command line interfaces (CLIs).  Further, traditional WANs were often coupled with separate security configurations for firewall functionality (protecting the perimeter of the site) and virtual private networking (VPN), which enabled encrypted communication and data secrecy.   

SD-WAN upends this model by using devices that are configured, managed, and monitored centrally through a controller.  This controller acts as the central source of truth for the network, and is responsible for distributing configuration changes throughout the network to each device.  SD-WAN is considered “software-defined” because these solutions often have programmatic interfaces for configuration, management, and monitoring, as opposed to legacy CLIs and protocols.

SD-WAN solutions simplify configuration, management, and monitoring by providing a single interface for the network through the controller.  With SD-WAN, you no longer have to perform these functions discretely at each device.  And, when you need to see what’s happening on the network, you have a single pane of glass to do it.

SD-WAN solutions often include security capabilities built in, such as a firewall, and virtually all of them establish VPN connections amongst sites automatically.

CloudGenix AppFabric goes a step beyond by aligning business policies with WAN policy and application-centricity to provide the best possible user experience, easiest integration of the cloud, and the best economics and simplicity.

So, when should I use SD-WAN?

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