Top 10 Things you Should Know About SD-WAN


Does SD-WAN make broadband good enough?

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), and in particular CloudGenix AppFabric, continually monitors the health and performance of both WAN links and the applications using your network. Several metrics from the network are collected (bandwidth, latency, loss, jitter, reachability) and also from the applications (transaction times, response times, CODECs, success and failure rates). 

All of these metrics are analyzed in real time to make decisions about which WAN link is the best fit for each given flow. As conditions change within the network or the application, AppFabric automatically steers flows to the best possible WAN link from the list you’ve deemed appropriate.

You can specify multiple primary paths and also multiple backup paths.

In this way, SD-WAN can absolutely make broadband good enough for business for remote locations, bank branches, retail stores, and other environments where multiple WAN links exist. Many businesses use AppFabric to add direct Internet to each location to help offload MPLS while reliably adding capacity, load-balancing, and failover.

 What else can SD-WAN do?

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