Built-in, powerful, actionable analytics and the easiest WAN management on the planet.

Management and Monitoring, Cloud-Delivered

The CloudGenix Portal is the management and monitoring platform for CloudGenix Autonomous SDWAN and the CloudBlades Platform. It is fully delivered from the cloud, meaning you don’t need to deploy additional hardware and storage for management and monitoring.

Rich, Actionable Analytics

Statistics from WAN links and application transactions are collected and surfaced in intuitive charts that allow you to sort, filter, and export as needed. CloudGenix Portal helps you understand how your WAN and applications are performing, where problems exist, identify the source of problems, and better plan your WAN and infrastructure services.

Global Policy Management

Managing policies for application performance, security, and compliance is enabled through the CloudGenix portal with its simple point-and-click interface, relieving you from having to learn complicated networking CLIs and implementing ridiculous configurations.