CloudGenix Instant-On Network (ION) Elements enable tomorrow’s WAN today. Break free of decades-old networking technology and enjoy the performance, security, compliance, agility, and power of AppFabric.

The CloudGenix Instant-On Network (ION) family

Provides industry-leading SD-WAN by enabling a unified AppFabric to ensure objectives for performance, security, and compliance are met for all applications, regardless of where they are deployed.

Industry-leading SD-WAN

Packed with AppFabric’s unique application intelligence, ION devices continually monitor health and performance of WAN links and application transactions to make policy enforcement decisions based on providing the best user experience. Unlike packet-based systems that only account for WAN conditions, AppFabric examines application metrics including transaction response times, MOS score, and throughput.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

ION devices ship ready to connect to the CloudGenix controller. Simply connect to the network, provide Internet connectivity, map ION to a site, and apply policy, and ION will automatically build the network and start making path selection and prioritization decisions based on policies for performance, compliance, and security.

Cloud-Delivered, Cloud-Managed

CloudGenix AppFabric is fully managed from the cloud and requires no additional systems for policy management, data storage, and backup of statistics and reporting data.

Break Free of Proprietary Hardware and Software

CloudGenix ION is built to use industry standard x86 hardware, allowing you to reap the benefit of using modern processor, memory, and storage hardware in the ION device. This is in stark contrast to the traditional router which typically uses years-old hardware.

Physical or Virtual, You Choose

CloudGenix ION can be deployed using our x86 hardware appliances, or, you can deploy ION on your existing infrastructure in the data center or branch office to enable a lean branch.

Performance and Scalability to Meet Your Needs

CloudGenix AppFabric scales horizontally to accommodate enterprises of any size – whether you have five branch offices, five hundred, or five thousand, CloudGenix scales without compromise.