CloudGenix Instant-On Network (ION) devices automatically build a secure application fabric—known as AppFabric — that connects your sites and applications over any transport. The AppFabric is a key enabler of CloudGenix Autonomous SD-WAN.

All About the Applications

AppFabric enables application-centric secure connectivity for all applications including cloud, SaaS, and data center. Unlike packet-centric networking products, AppFabric uniquely includes application transaction metrics to make policy enforcement decisions, ensuring the best user experience.

Align WAN Policies with Your Business

Low-level networking rules are insufficient when designing a policy to run your business. AppFabric lets you choose an application, its business priority, and which paths are allowed. AppFabric automatically builds the secure network for you, and takes corrective action when performance or availability issues are encountered.

Improved Application Performance

By coupling WAN performance and health metrics with actual application transaction response times, AppFabric provides the best user experience possible by prioritizing applications and choosing the best available WAN link.

Built-In Security and Compliance Controls

Industrial-strength encryption, innovative key management, and policy controls ensure your data is kept private while ensuring you have complete control over which WAN links your applications use.

Reduce Remote Office Cost and Complexity

AppFabric takes advantage of all allowed WAN paths for an application. With multiple WAN links, AppFabric provides both high availability and load-balancing meaning WAN links aren’t sitting idle waiting for a failure to happen.