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What is Virtual WAN?

As enterprises continue to become more reliant on cloud delivered services, network architectures must be adapted to provide predictable and secure connectivity across all enterprise branches.

Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN is a network service that provides optimized and automated branch connectivity to and through Azure. Azure regions serve as network hubs that enterprise branches can be connected to in order to leverage the Azure backbone to reach resources hosted in other Azure VNETs as well as to connect to other enterprise branch locations.

Secure, Optimize and Automate Connectivity

CloudGenix makes the Cloud-delivered Branch possible by providing an Autonomous SD-WAN™ and the CloudBlades™ platform. Enterprises gain cloud-scale economics for the branch with the freedom to use any WAN, any cloud, and any best-of-breed infrastructure service. Leveraging the CloudBlades™ platform customers have a single point of integration that automates secure connectivity from CloudGenix enterprise branch offices to the Azure Virtual WAN. Thereby, allowing customers to leverage Microsoft’s global network to optimally reach any Microsoft service or any other remote office connected to the Azure Virtual WAN.


Automatic Azure Virtual WAN VPN Site Creation

The CloudGenix Azure Virtual WAN CloudBlade™ automatically creates, configures and maintains the Azure Virtual WAN VPN site objects which represent the CloudGenix enterprise branch offices, simplifying the Azure Virtual WAN onboarding process for large-scale enterprises.

Automatic CloudGenix Connectivity to Closest Azure Region

Build and maintain VPN connections and BGP sessions to the one or more Azure region providing multiple optimized paths per application to the Microsoft global network.

Self-Healing Network

The CloudGenix AppFabric continuously monitors the health and performance of WAN links and applications, regardless of where they are hosted, to dynamically choose the best performing path. When a problem arises, AppFabric will automatically self-heal and divert traffic to another appropriate path according to policies you define.

Operational Insights

CloudGenix Clarity provides instant visibility into the health and performance of the Enterprise Branch to Azure Virtual WAN secure connections and the application traffic leveraging these connections. Providing enterprises with rich, intuitive, and actionable visualization tools fully delivered from the cloud, freeing organizations from having to deploy additional servers, storage, and backup infrastructure for monitoring data.

CloudGenix Azure Virtual WAN

CloudBlades provides a single point of integration that automates secure connectivity from enterprise branch offices to the Azure Virtual WAN

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