iWANT CGX Challenge – “Future so bright, gotta wear shades”

fennmore-craig-photoThe iWANT CloudGenix challenge road-show was headed to Phoenix, Arizona! This time, the network team at a law firm wanted to see first-hand if CloudGenix was really the very best SD-WAN solution. With nearly 200 attorneys, the firm offers its clients many legal services in both litigation and commercial transactions.

The test team consisted of TS, the network manager, and John, the sys admin. They were ready to do a no-holds barred test of CloudGenix vs. Cisco iWAN. They were planning a migration to Office 365. In addition, enabling high performance cloud-access and visibility into their application performance were important considerations. The IT was extremely lean, so having an easy to use solution that didn’t require complex routing protocols was critical.

The Challenge

The Challenge consisted of the following use cases, tested by the customer on the Cisco iWan followed by CloudGenix ION products:

  1. Set up and configure an SD-WAN including remote offices and data centers. Ensure that multiple forms of connectivity, such as Internet broadband and MPLS are used in active-active mode.
  2. Enable direct-to-Internet selectively for cloud-based applications (Office 365,, Box, etc.) with performance-based load-balancing across other paths.
  3. Monitor network SLA and application SLA.

TS was familiar with Cisco iWAN and all the myriad components of the offering. As the challenge began, TS and John struggled through Cisco’s disparate set of tools. TS said, “If I want an advanced WAN, this is NOT how I’d do it, this feels like the 10-year-old technology it is.”

The Result

Of course, Cisco failed in the test of setting up Office 365 to go direct to the cloud, load-balanced by other paths. “Microsoft recommended to me that I need direct-to-Internet. Not having this capability means I cannot use iWAN”.

Cisco – With a solution that tries to wrap bandages around hardware, CLI, complex routing, there is no surprise that setting up a WAN with Cisco was extremely complex, error-prone, and expensive. Setting up application-based cloud policies in Cisco iWAN FAILED because of the packet routing approach instead of app-flow networking. Monitoring/troubleshooting required additional expensive tools, and provided limited, stale data that barely catered to network monitoring, and couldn’t monitor app-SLAs.

After an hour and a half of struggle, TS and John abandoned iWAN and decided they wanted to get started with CloudGenix.

It is always gratifying to me to see the Customer’s reaction while they are working on CloudGenix. Setup of the WAN was a breeze, the fact that no routing protocols had to be configured meant that they quickly reviewed default application policies and were good to go with a brand new WAN! TS and John set a policy that not only allowed Office 365 to go direct-to-Internet, but also load-balanced it across other paths for the best performance in real-time. When it was time to take the third test, they were pleasantly surprised! According to John, “I need a simple, but powerful WAN, CloudGenix additionally gives me visibility into application performance I simply can’t get today.” 


Of course, we had to share our CloudGenix orange shades with two super happy customers. TS had the quote of the day, “You guys have a future so bright, gotta wear shades.”

 Another successful iWANT CloudGenix challenge completed! If you want to take the challenge yourself, just email You know you want some CloudGenix orange shades!