iWANT CGX Challenge – “UNDERWHELMING – I expected better”

achieve1-photoTime to welcome the iWANT CloudGenix challenge road-show to Raleigh, NC at the CloudGenix offices! A regional partner that prides itself on only selecting products and services from the world’s top technology companies for its customers sent four CCIEs to bake-off CloudGenix vs. Cisco iWAN.

The Challenge

The Challenge consisted of the following use cases, tested by the customer on the Cisco iWan followed by CloudGenix ION products:

  1. Set up and configure an SD-WAN including remote offices and data centers. Ensure that multiple forms of connectivity, such as Internet broadband and MPLS are used in active-active mode.
  2. Enable direct-to-Internet selectively for cloud-based applications (Office 365,, Box, etc.) with performance-based load-balancing across other paths.
  3. Monitor network SLA and application SLA.

The Results

For this challenge, we decided to not even write a detailed description. Below are verbatim quotes as they tested Cisco iWAN:

  • “For two hours of iWAN configuration, the feature set is very UNDERWHELMING – I expected better”
  • “After doing so much, you don’t get anything – no statistics, no intelligent optimization, no cloud-apps, all manual”
  • “Cisco doesn’t nearly give the cost savings CloudGenix gives”
  • “There is a lot of room for errors in iWAN”
  • “Can’t imagine configuring this without help or using 250-page deployment guide”
  • “iWAN is a combination of 50 different tools to do what CloudGenix does in one go”
  • “Any conflicts/errors during configuration are not displayed in the UI”
  • “No way to baseline and compare application performance in different sites, or week by week and so on”
  • “Have to manually manage policy for application categories to use available overlay transport because of active-backup path selection and not active-active – this is a pain in the rear Cisco!”

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Here was their reaction at the CloudGenix portion of the challenge. 

Another successful iWANT CloudGenix challenge in the books! If you want to take the challenge yourself, just email Don’t deny yourself those CloudGenix orange shades you crave!