iWANT CGX Challenge – “Rigid and convoluted to setup, manage and monitor iWAN”

The iWANT CloudGenix Challenge roadshow headed back to Raleigh, this time to work with a leading technology research company. Being world-renowned for providing its clients with the best insight in upcoming technology that meets their business needs, this challenge was going to be a tough one. Paul and Allen, SDN research scientists with the firm, had heard about the iWANT CloudGenix Challenges that had already taken place and wanted to experience one for themselves to see what all the fuss was about. Steve, a senior network consultant from San Jose, joined the challenge remotely.

The Challenge

The Challenge consisted of the following use cases, tested by the customer on the Cisco iWan followed by CloudGenix ION products:

  1. Set up and configure an SD-WAN including remote offices and data centers. Ensure that multiple forms of connectivity, such as Internet broadband and MPLS are used in active-active mode.
  2. Enable direct-to-Internet selectively for cloud-based applications (Office 365,, Box, etc.) with performance-based load-balancing across other paths.
  3. Monitor network SLA and application SLA.

The challenge started with Cisco iWAN. “For a simple task of setting up a basic SD-WAN, iWAN is very complicated,” said Paul as they spent about an hour trying to set up the environment.

When it came to selectively allowing Office 365 and Salesforce to go direct to the Internet, the experienced analysts weren’t surprised that Cisco failed. It was almost as if they expected this failure. “Many of our clients complained that it is rigid and convoluted to setup, manage and monitor iWAN and today we experienced it firsthand,” said Steve. The three analysts expressed disappointment about how restrictive the feature capability of iWAN was in terms of not being able to operate on a single application but only on categories that included a larger set of applications. 

The Results

While iWAN took about an hour to just set up a branch and a datacenter, the team finished all the tasks of the challenge on CloudGenix in 15 minutes! Like all of our challenge takers, they too were amazed at the speed of execution. “[The] CloudGenix GUI is very clean and intuitive,” said Allen as he studied the statistics for Office 365.

Our winning streak continues! If you want to take the challenge yourself, just email