iWANT CGX Challenge – “iWAN is trying to be automated. What a façade!”

The iWANT CloudGenix Challenge was headed to the town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania to meet with an interational manufacturing company. With a footprint in several countries across the globe, the company was looking to cut its IT costs and improve its existing infrastructure. With EA, a network architect and AG, an IT infrastructure lead, the CloudGenix vs Cisco iWAN was going be under close surveillance.

The Challenge

The Challenge consisted of the following use cases, tested by the customer on the Cisco iWan followed by CloudGenix ION products:

  1. Set up and configure an SD-WAN including remote offices and data centers. Ensure that multiple forms of connectivity, such as Internet broadband and MPLS are used in active-active mode.
  2. Enable direct-to-Internet selectively for cloud-based applications (Office 365,, Box, etc.) with performance-based load-balancing across other paths.
  3. Monitor network SLA and application SLA.

EA and AG started the challenge with Cisco iWAN. Time seemed to stand still watching the lines of CLI commands that were being pushed out via EEM to configure the routers. The frustration was evident as AG said “iWAN is trying to be automated, but it’s still converting it back to CLI in the background and using antiquated EEM to do the job. What a façade” realizing iWAN isn’t truly SD-WAN.

With unsatisfactory and dissapointing results from Challenge 2 and 3, EA and AG moved on to CloudGenix. With such a userfriendly design, EA and AG didn’t even refer to the guidebook for configuring CloudGenix.

The Results

The CloudGenix execution was quick and flawless. “With iWAN, it’s just a lot of moving parts. With CloudGenix, it all pretty easy to use. Very intuitive and quick,”said EA as he wrapped up all the challenges in less than third of the time it took to configure iWAN. AG added “iWAN is definitely complex. CloudGenix is streamlined, no clutter or confusion.

We couldn’t get a photo this time but they certainly looked great sporting the orange shades. Another successful iWANT CloudGenix challenge! If you want to take the challenge yourself, just email