iWANT CGX Challenge – “CloudGenix is our future… iWAN is something I definitely don’t want.”

san-diegoThe iWANT CloudGenix Challenge roadshow continued in sunny San Diego. A technology consultancy that provides enterprise-class data center infrastructure to Fortune 1000 companies, sent two of its solutions architects, Jon and David, to participate in the challenge. Many of its customers were looking to transition to SD-WAN.  Jon described their motivation – “Remote and branch offices are complex to manage. We need simplicity. Also, with most of our clients migrating to cloud, our focus is application performance. We could use Riverbed Steelheads for application performance improvement, but all we’re doing is just adding to our complexity and costs by introducing another box. 

The Challenge

The Challenge consisted of the following use cases, tested by the customer on the Cisco iWan followed by CloudGenix ION products:

  1. Set up and configure an SD-WAN including remote offices and data centers. Ensure that multiple forms of connectivity, such as Internet broadband and MPLS are used in active-active mode.
  2. Enable direct-to-Internet selectively for cloud-based applications (Office 365,, Box, etc.) with performance-based load-balancing across other paths.
  3. Monitor network SLA and application SLA.

As our participants were short on time, we decided to run the CloudGenix ION and Cisco iWAN challenges simultaneously, with David on iWAN and Jon on CloudGenix.

The Results

Because iWAN is a multi-product approach, configuring it was strenuous and slow, as usual. While David floundered to configure the remote and branch offices on iWAN, Jon completed all three tasks quickly and was marveling at the analytics on the CloudGenix portal.

Some of our enterprise customers only have a single network engineer who’d manage everything and we don’t need a complex solution like iWAN,” said Jon as he watched David configure iWAN. Jon continued, “Look at CloudGenix – it is much easier to configure. It’s up and running and operational in minutes. Not only do we have a much simpler, more powerful WAN solution, but we also don’t need Riverbed WAN optimization – CloudGenix is application defined and makes the path decisions for us. And I can’t imagine how helpful the information available on this analytics page would be for all the NOC engineers!” David agreed as he said “CloudGenix is our future. We’re certainly not going with the legacy Cisco product. iWAN is something I definitely don’t want.

CloudGenix’s simple yet solid solution won the challenge again. Both David and Jon said they were excited to share their CloudGenix experience with their customers.

If you want to take the challenge yourself, just email