Introducing CloudGenix

We started CloudGenix with a singular vision – radically simplify how networks are built so IT can focus on innovation. At CloudGenix, we are passionate about solving remote office WAN and infrastructure challenges. Having previously built highly successful products in this space, we see a large, unmet customer need for a new category of remote office WAN infrastructure.

The Opportunity

The transformation from hardware to software is arguably one of the most significant transitions underway in IT. Server virtualization is driving the need for software-defined virtualization of the data center network. Similarly, hybrid cloud and virtualized applications access are now driving the need for a Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN).

What’s Driving This Shift Now

The traditional data center is being disaggregated by the hybrid application delivery model including public clouds, SaaS and virtualized data centers. At the same time, remote office business initiatives for Omni-channel, bandwidth intensive collaboration, and support for new devices are growing. In addition, enterprises are looking to deploy policy-compliant hybrid WANs.

Incumbent solutions for this new hybrid enterprise are not only extremely complex to deploy, they also need a large number of remote office physical or virtual machines to manage.

The SD-WAN Solution

With the SD-WAN solution, IT can manage the WAN as a virtual pool of resources, and bind application and business policies dynamically to the network. At the same time, the need for remote office infrastructure is radically reduced. The solution consists of three major components:

Business Policy Abstraction
Business-intent based policy abstraction that allows IT to enforce security, performance and compliance policies in a location-independent manner

Secure Network Virtualization
Policy compliant virtualization of the network eliminating the need to configure VPNs, routing, traffic isolation and other networking rules. 

Network Function Projection
Centralization of WAN services like NG Firewalls and Threat Prevention Systems, while “projecting” the benefits of these services for the remote office traffic

With the above capabilities, CloudGenix SDEwan virtualizes enterprise networks and securely brings together users and high performance cloud and data center applications, while radically reducing remote office infrastructure requirements.

Be part of the solution

At CloudGenix, we are closely engaged with a number of customers as we are building the solution. If you’d like to be part of our journey to change networking, drop us a note and we’ll get you signed up.