Top 10 Things you Should Know About SD-WAN


Do I need both SD-WAN and VPN?

Is a separate virtual private network (VPN) required when deploying software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN)?

Typically, no!  VPNs are designed to securely connect sites and uses encryption to maintain secrecy of the application data exchanged.  Traditional wide area networking (WAN) devices including packet routers and firewalls often require complex configuration to establish tunnels – virtual interfaces with encryption and other security features designed to protect data secrecy – to transmit data amongst sites.  The process is often cumbersome, time-intensive, and error-prone.

Virtually every SD-WAN solution helps to simplify this process by either automatically establishing secure tunnels amongst sites or reducing the number of steps required to do so.

CloudGenix AppFabric makes it even easier and more secure than traditional networking and legacy SD-WAN by not only automatically establishing a secure fabric of connectivity, but using advanced security capabilities to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding businesses.

What is “Secure SD-WAN”?

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