This CloudGenix SD-WAN deployment took twice the promised time!

By Simon Bhagat

Deploying products at a customer’s site cuts through any vendor-speak. Watch this 3 and half-minute video on the ups and downs in a CloudGenix SD-WAN deployment at a Fortune 100 customer. We nearly blew it!

  1. Something went wrong that nearly caused us to break the sub 10 minute (really sub 5 minutes, but I buffer a little to not anger the POC gods) deployment promise we made to the customer
  2. See why the customer stole my mouse!
  3. Why one of us in the video is called “alligator-hands” (as in “my hands are too short to reach my wallet!)

The backdrop – at the goal line!

After a long campaign at a Fortune 100 customer, beating out Cisco iWAN, we were scheduled for a final test with a key decision maker. Customer wanted to see:

  1. Speed of install: I’d told the customer it’d take less than 10 mins to setup the CloudGenix WAN, have applications flowing through with SLA, and troubleshoot application performance.
  2. With and without Cisco: Customer wanted to know that CloudGenix could both, replace Cisco routers, and also co-exist with existing routers – he wasn’t ready to cut the cord with his older routers immediately. With CloudGenix’ unique fail-to-wire capabilities we had claimed that we can both replace Cisco routers, and co-exist with them in a way that makes the Cisco routers better – handling greater WAN capacity, and dramatically improving branch and apps availability.
  3. Mean Time To Innocence (MTTI) = 0: My sales counterpart had spoken a big game about how our proactive app, network, and location analytics for cloud and data center applications provides instant problem resolution and holds the Service Provider accountable for SLAs. Being exposed to Cisco Prime, and the alphabet soup of tools that are required to make Cisco iWAN work, the customer was trained to expect complexity and broken promises.

Game-time – for the win or loss?

Against this backdrop I walked into the customers lab expecting a straightforward experience. But reality got interesting – the short video tells the “powerful” (you’ll get the pun watching the video) tale of the tape!