CloudGenix Recap of Interop ITX 2017

We were excited to showcase our application-defined SD-WAN solutions at Interop ITX 2017 in Las Vegas last month!  The conference was a smashing success with over 3000 attendees from 115 countries and 230 speakers. Attendees were excited to hear about the growth and maturity in the SD-WAN market and how CloudGenix is leading the charge with an application-defined approach that aligns policy with the intent of the business.

The CloudGenix booth was the life of the party and literally the busiest booth at the show.  Countless I/T professionals came by to chat with us about the challenges they face with their WAN, adoption of cloud and SaaS applications, and the benefits that SD-WAN provides.  We gave product demos, discussed solutions to customer problems, and explored unique use cases related to our customers’ environments.

SD-WAN CloudGenix

Virtually everyone who visited the booth said they wanted to reduce remote office hardware including their routers and firewalls, and the unanimous feedback was that our “no router” approach creates opportunities to reduce footprint while simplifying configuration, management, and monitoring.  People were ecstatic that they could create a secure fabric over the Internet and over their private WAN links while eliminating complex router configuration.  And, with the built-in zone-based firewall, a secure perimeter could be maintained in the remote offices where direct Internet connections are added.

Other customers were focused on making deployments of Office 365 successful by using direct Internet connections in their remote offices.  Customers saw how we could offload their private MPLS links – deferring a costly bandwidth upgrade – by using direct Internet, all while preserving security at the remote office using our integrated zone-based firewall.  Most customers reported that their private MPLS links were roughly 10X the price of 1/5 the bandwidth.  Having an opportunity to offload and in some cases deprecate private MPLS links in favor of direct Internet yields a tremendous cost savings, giving a CloudGenix deployment an ROI measured in a handful of months.

SD-WAN CloudGenix

Our new friends even got hands-on with our product!  We had stations set up to allow people to set up an environment – with or without our help – and the unanimous feedback was that the product worked as advertised and was easy to use.  Technical talent is sparse in remote offices, and having a networking platform that is cloud-managed using policies built around business intent reduced concerns about needing technical expertise near every remote office.

It wasn’t all work though! To break apart from the traditional model of the typical I/T vendor “swag” – we opted for a much more fun and interactive approach.  We had treasure chests full of prizes including cellphone charging batteries and customers were able to choose a key.  Some of the keys worked – and some didn’t – which added to the suspense and fun!

One of the highlights of the conference was Cooper Cash, Branch Office Infrastructure Lead at Teleflex, presenting “The Business Impacts of SD-WANs: A Customer Perspective.” Cooper’s session was one of the most successful at the event – over 100 participants learned about his experience in reducing Teleflex’s dependency on expensive private MPLS links and starting his journey in eliminating remote office routers and firewalls.  He also discussed how Teleflex added public Internet connections at their remote sites for use as both primary and backup connections, and how employees that weren’t part of I/T were able to install in remote offices without difficulty.  One of the best benefits?  Fewer support calls from users when one of the WAN links went down or became degraded.

Interop ITX 2017 was a massive success.  We had a great time speaking with so many I/T professionals about their environments and SD-WAN, and plan to be back next year!

See For Yourself

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