CloudGenix Partners with CNSG

SD-WAN CloudGenixFreedom to choose among carriers and connectivity types is one of the big benefits of an SD-WAN and a unique differentiator that we bring to our customers. That is why is are so pleased to announce that we have signed a master agent agreement with Converged Network Services Group (CNSG), the premier Master Distributor for connectivity, cloud and cloud enablement. With this agreement, CNSG will add the CloudGenix Instant-On Networks (ION) product family to its portfolio of solutions. With CloudGenix ION, CNSG and its partners can now provide customers with the best solutions for their connectivity needs, independent of carriers and connectivity transports.

CNSG has a decade-long track record of helping businesses manage their communications infrastructure. Together with CNSG, we will provide customers with not only a best-of-breed connectivity solution, but will also deliver SLAs for cloud applications such as Office365, AWS, Azure, Unified Communications and VoIP. Our CloudGenix ION product family eliminates complex routing protocols and hardware routers, enabling direct setup of business rules and app SLAs, while also reducing WAN costs by 50 to 70 percent. All network and app flows are stored in a centralized database, providing customer access to native, actionable application and network insights. CloudGenix uniquely delivers single-sided, per-app controls and SLAs for cloud apps.

If you’d like to learn more, register here for a January 18, 2017 webinar featuring CNSG and CloudGenix, which will discuss the successes companies are realizing with CloudGenix SD-WAN.