CloudGenix Chosen as IDC Innovator for SD‑WAN

IDC just announced that CloudGenix was selected as an innovator in the software-defined WAN category.  According to IDC, an “innovator” is a company that has demonstrated either a “groundbreaking business model or an innovative new technology or both”.  We are excited to have been selected by IDC and agree with their sentiment on how SD-WAN is enabling customers a more flexible WAN based on business policy and focused on supporting apps deployed in both the cloud and data center.

What Makes CloudGenix Unique?

IDC rightly points out that our key differentiators start with an application-first approach to building the WAN using what we call an application fabric (or AppFabric).  Most of the SD-WAN offerings that are available today were born of packet routing systems which were mostly concerned with moving packets from interface to interface, next-hop reachability, and simple packet metrics like latency, packet loss, and jitter. In the modern enterprise where applications reside in data centers, clouds and SaaS locations, and are delivered over hybrid networks, this old packet-routing approach results in enormous complexity and further distances IT from the needs of the business.

CloudGenix AppFabric is foundationally different from packet-routing.  We build and operate the WAN based on application policies for performance, security and compliance. We use application metrics in addition to network metrics, and transport metrics to make networking and path selection decisions against entire application conversations – not just packets or connections.  We detect applications accurately with metrics beyond layer 3 through 7 – including heuristics and behavior on the wire.  With full visibility into key performance indicators from the network to server to application, we make networking and path selection decisions based on how the application is performing, not on whether a packet-ping response is high.  These are critically important because you don’t want an application switching paths in the midst of a conversation or flapping back and forth unnecessarily because a server is taking too long to respond.  All of this is enabled by the AppFabric which is unique to CloudGenix.

Benefits Provided by CloudGenix

We’re excited that IDC recognizes the value of SD-WAN and has selected CloudGenix. Some of the benefits enjoyed by CloudGenix customers include the following:

  • You can confidently deploy cloud-hosted apps like Office 365 alongside data center apps without complex network configuration or security compromises
  • You can create intent-based policies for how your apps should behave on any network and don’t have to deal with complex packet routers
  • You can see at a very granular level how your networks, servers, and applications are performing, with drill-down into details without needing additional tools
  • You can gather actionable data on why applications may be slow and eliminate finger-pointing from the troubleshooting process
  • You can reduce dependency on expensive private WAN connections in favor of commodity public Internet links
  • You can deploy link high availability and failover to any remote office across heterogeneous WAN types

Find Out More

To read the IDC SD-WAN report on CloudGenix, click here.