CAPTRUST develops a successful cloud-delivered regional office strategy

We are excited to share how we worked with CAPTRUST Financial Advisors to reduce WAN costs by 52%, eliminate the need for carrier hardware at the remote office, and deliver remote office WAN, security and voice infrastructure from the cloud.

CAPTRUST, with $340 Billion in client assets under advisement, is one of the nation’s leading independent wealth management and retirement plan advisory firms. The cloud-delivered regional (branch) office powered by our Autonomous SD-WAN and CloudBlades delivers the agility, resiliency and rich services demanded by CAPTRUST’s customers.

At regional offices distributed across the U.S., CAPTRUST’s financial advisors provide investment advisory services to institutional customers, foundations and endowments, and wealth planning services to high net-worth individuals and professional athletes.

Providing a high-quality customer experience at the regional office is integral to CAPTRUST’s business, and the IT team is focused on delivering rich applications, resilient network infrastructure, and pervasive security. In addition, the team is challenged with keeping up with the company’s fast-paced organic growth and acquisitions, which requires integration of newly acquired organizations quickly and painlessly. Any WAN infrastructure outage is not only frustrating to employees but can directly impact customers and the business.

We worked with CAPTRUST Chief Technology Officer Jon Meyer who recognized the need to modernize regional office connectivity: “We needed a solution for our regional offices that could deliver a highly resilient WAN, eliminate our dependence on MPLS, and deliver best-of-breed security and voice from the cloud. We needed to set the architectural foundations for zero trust and secure cloud adoption. To extend CAPTRUST’s three decades of leadership, we needed to re-invent our remote offices using the cloud-delivered branch model from CloudGenix.”

In CAPTRUST regional offices, employees rely on performance-sensitive applications to initiate trades for clients as well as mission-critical applications for market research, email, and company-wide live webcasts. Voice call quality is important to employees and customers.

“The regional offices are where our business meets the customer. This makes resilience and uptime in the branch critical. We have improved availability and performance of all our business applications and have reduced the need for manual trouble-shooting by over 90% with the auto-correcting capabilities of CloudGenix SD-WAN,” added Meyer.

To enable cloud-delivered security aiming to deliver a zero-trust model, Meyer and his team used our CloudBlades platform. CAPTRUST wanted the flexibility to choose a best-of-breed security product while avoiding the need for additional hardware at the remote office.

CloudBlades enables the secure delivery of best-of-breed infrastructure services to the branch from the cloud, including network, security, voice, cloud backbone integration, and operational tools can be provisioned as cloud-services.

According to Meyer, “In the past, IT would have to compromise between deploying best-of-breed products vs. increasing the number of hardware devices required in the regional offices. With CloudBlades, we can deploy cloud-based security solutions while getting the same impact as if that security solution were physically deployed in the remote office. Additionally, CloudGenix has a native, zone-based firewall that, combined with cloud-security, provides a defense in depth model. The cloud-delivered branch architecture is also a foundational building block for a Zero-trust model. Simply put, the CloudGenix CloudBlades platform is a game-changer.”

It has been great to work with Meyer and his team. We are committed to their ongoing success and delivering business value.