Bank of Marin chooses CloudGenix SD-WAN and AppFabric to solve application performance

Last month, I had an opportunity to sit down and chat with Kevin Gish, Bank of Marin’s I/T manager, about application performance issues they had encountered that were creating challenges in their ability to provide the “legendary service” for which they are known. With an MPLS-based WAN deployed between their data center and bank branches, the team at Bank of Marin encountered bandwidth constraints which slowed the performance of their core applications at times, and site-to-site communication was also hindered.

Kevin and the team at Bank of Marin chose CloudGenix SD-WAN for a number of reasons, including:

  • Top-down policy-based administration in business terms rather than networking rules, using CloudGenix AppFabric
  • More intuitive management rather than a router management model
  • Ability to deploy new branches in an order of magnitude faster time using business Internet
  • Improved performance for core applications leading to better productivity and “legendary service”
  • “Cost reduction was a byproduct of an improved network architecture”

Learn more about the challenges Kevin faced, why he chose CloudGenix, and the benefits he has experienced since deploying:

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