A new technical white paper on SD-WAN and CloudGenix by the PacketPushers

I’m excited to announce that we have just published a new technical white paper, Software-Defined WAN: CloudGenix, written by Packet Pushers’ Ethan Banks and Drew Conry-Murray

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) has been garnering quite a bit of attention because of the operational benefits and huge cost savings over traditional WAN infrastructure. As a leader in the space, we regularly receive calls from network managers looking for more clarification on how SD-WAN technology works, how it might benefit their organization, and they want to understand very specifically what different SD-WAN vendors can offer them.

For this white paper, we had two goals in mind. First, we wanted to offer content that would help people understand a typical SD-WAN solution, the different elements and how they work together. Secondly, we wanted to be transparent about how CloudGenix is different, how our solution is architected and how our unique architecture benefits our customers when they transform their networks to an SD-WAN or when they implement a hybrid WAN.

A lot of our customers see the PacketPushers as the go-to resource for this type of information, as they are network practitioners and have been “deep diving into networking technology for 20+ years”.   I was excited when Ethan and Drew agreed to take this on. This 27-page paper has a lot of meat to it. The chapters are..

  •  What is an SD-WAN?
  •  How is an SD-WAN Different from a legacy WAN?
  •  CloudGenix SD-WAN Solution and Architecture
  •  Getting Started with CloudGenix
  •  Understanding ROI and Operational Impact
  •  Conclusion: The Real Goal of SD-WAN

This paper has exceeded my expectations, but more importantly I hope that it will meet and exceed yours. Click here to download the white paper. I’d love to hear what you think.

Thank you,

Rebecca Salie
Senior Director Marketing
twitter: @rebecca_salie