Software-Defined WAN:

CloudGenix™ ION gives you an entirely new way to build your WAN—one that is defined by software instead of hardware. The CloudGenix software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) replaces the fragmentation of current networking. Instead, it builds a centralized control plane, or brain, and couples that intelligence with its policy-based language.

The result? A lightweight instant-on network with reduced costs, elasticity, and vendor independence. What’s more, you can deploy CloudGenix incrementally, layering our SD-WAN on top of your existing network and switching over at your own pace. Learn more about some of the specific problems CloudGenix ION can help fix.

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CloudGenix Architecture

Physical Network

CloudGenix network stack improves agility and security. With CloudGenix, service providers will continue to route as normal. Customers’ networks will be isolated from this layer, providing both carrier independence as well as protocol isolation.

CloudGenix ION Fabric

CloudGenix provides secure connectivity between the ION endpoints and the CloudGenix controller. This layer is managed by the CloudGenix controller with selective peering to interoperate with the physical carrier network. It is built as the ION endpoints authenticate and register with the controller.

The controller establishes secure connectivity to each of the ION endpoints. The ION endpoints negotiate secure connectivity and establish fabric and then the ION end points in the datacenter peer with the WAN routes, providing connectivity to and isolation from the carrier network.

Application Layer

This is the primary layer where the administrator interacts via the controller. Application-specific overlays and policies, including allowed paths and service projection, are defined at this layer. Building application network is extremely straightforward.

First, the administrator selects the applications of interest from our extensive application library. Then they choose the business priority and allowable paths. The controller then builds the secure contexts in the application network.

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