Implementing A Hybrid WAN

CloudGenix™ ION allows you to combine disparate WAN networks—including MPLS, LTE, and internet links—into a single, high-performance hybrid WAN fabric. ION monitors real-time application performance for both transactional and unified communications applications. ION uses dynamic path selection and allocates WAN bandwidth based upon business priorities and application SLAs, creating an active-active network and eliminating the need to use and maintain traditional routing protocols.

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Implementing a Hybrid WAN

Enabling the combining of MPLS with direct Internet access in an active-active manner is simple, cost- effective and secure with CloudGenix.


Gartner, Hybrid will be the New Normal in Next Generation Enterprise WANs.

Key challenges and recommendations for network planners when planning and building a Hybrid WAN.


Software-Defined WAN: CloudGenix Whitepaper by PacketPushers

Technical deep-dive (27-informative pages) into a CloudGenix Software-Defined WAN by PacketPushers Ethan Banks and Drew Conry-Murray.



CloudGenix Controller

Available on premise or hosted in the cloud, the CloudGenix Controller is the single point of control, monitoring and management for your enterprise WAN. Application performance policies and secure application contexts can be configured with a few mouse clicks. Application performance and conformance to security policies can be monitored from the Controller via a single pane of glass across the entire WAN.

Session-based application fingerprinting for encrypted and unencrypted applications

By combining information from DNS entries, IP addresses, URL’s and certificates with application setup and state information, CloudGenix is able to identify applications and application transactions on the fly down to the sub-application level for applications like Skype, Google, Office-365 SharePoint, Lync, Exchange, SAP, and many more.

CODEC-awareness for Unified Communications in the enterprise or from the cloud

Because CloudGenix maintains application-state down to the session level, CloudGenix is able to identify the specific CODEC’s used for individual voice and video channels for common UC applications including, Adobe Connect, FaceTime, Skype,, and WebEx. Each channel can then be monitored and controlled based upon CODEC specific requirements such as latency, jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth with no administrator intervention required.

Dynamic SLA calculation

For each transactional application, CloudGenix calculates site-specific application performance baselines and sets performance thresholds. Application performance is measured for all paths on the site to determine SLA compliance.

Application performance SLA-based path selection

Once site specific, application performance SLA baselines, and threshold are established, application performance is continuously monitored across all eligible paths—direct internet, internet VPN, and private WAN. Application sessions are load balanced across all paths that are within SLA while preserving traffic symmetry across the WAN.

Automatic internet bandwidth calculation

Unlike MPLS providers, ISP’s generally do not provide bandwidth guarantees with bandwidth varying significantly over time. CloudGenix continuously monitors performance on these links and dynamically calculates available bandwidth.

Application performance SLA-based bandwidth controls

Traditional QoS models attempt to manage performance by dropping packets based upon priority when congestion occurs. CloudGenix takes a more intelligent approach: when performance for priority applications starts to degrade, application flows are shaped based upon how applications are performing relative to applications SLA’s, as well as dynamically calculated internet bandwidth. By combining SLA-based path selection with SLA-based bandwidth controls, CloudGenix provides better application performance across a broader range of applications than traditional packet-based path selection and QoS models.

Application transaction time analytics

CloudGenix provides native visibility into application specific transaction time as experienced by the end-user directly from the branch ION device. No point of presence is required on the application side enabling analytics for cloud and SAAS applications or traditional enterprise applications. Because CloudGenix operates at the session level, administrators are able to drill down into application performance issues and break down application transaction time into the WAN and Data Center components, enabling more rapid root cause analysis and remediation.

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