Enabling a Software-Defined Enterprise

A software-defined enterprise (SDE) spans both the data center and the enterprise WAN. While much progress has been made on establishing a software-defined data center (SDDC), the software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is the last bastion of legacy networking technologies standing in the way of a true SDE.

SD-WAN technologies enable customers to realize the same benefits in the WAN that they enjoy in the data center: Reduced hardware costs with COTS x86 hardware; rapid provisioning on the WAN based upon business rather than network attributes; and establishment of application SLA-based policies.

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Enabling a Software-Defined Enterprise

The benefits of software and virtualization for the broader network; get radical simplification and 2x performance at half the cost.


Columbia Sportswear: Extending the Power of Software-Defined Networking to the Retail Branch

30:14 Columbia Sportswear has brought CloudGenix software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) & VMware NSX together for a software-defined retail branch.

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Software-Defined WAN: CloudGenix Whitepaper by PacketPushers

Technical deep-dive (27-informative pages) into a CloudGenix Software-Defined WAN by PacketPushers Ethan Banks and Drew Conry-Murray.



Instant On (ION) deployment and provisioning

With traditional models, it can take days or weeks to deploy and provision a new branch with connectivity, security, application QoS, and monitoring policies. CloudGenix™ ION automatically establishes security connectivity and provisions security, application performance and monitoring policies once the device is detected by the cloud controller and claimed by the administrator. This reduces deployment and provisioning time to minutes.

Service projection

Deploying services such as IDS, DLP, and IPS physically to each branch can be complex, costly, and time consuming. CloudGenix service projection technology enables customers to “bind” these services to specific applications and application flows by policy and deliver them from any location—data center, regional hub, or cloud—with no incremental branch footprint.

Secure application contexts

Traditional WAN segmentation solutions rely on underlying Layer 3 transport constructs such as VRFs, which are expensive and inflexible. CloudGenix secure application contexts enable administrators to map individual applications or groups of applications into specific application contexts that have no dependency on underlying Layer 3 transport. Each secure application context can have context specific security and encryption policies that can be easily modified from the CloudGenix controller across the entire WAN.

CloudGenix Controller

Available on premise or hosted in the cloud, the CloudGenix Controller is the single point of control, monitoring and management for your enterprise WAN. Application performance policies and secure application contexts can be configured with a few mouse clicks. Application performance and conformance to security policies can be monitored from the Controller via a single pane of glass across the entire WAN.

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