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CloudGenix™ was built from the ground-up to solve problems, to tackle the known issues that plague networking today. From implementing a hybrid WAN, to improving cloud-based application performance, to creating a dynamic security perimeter and rolling out a software-defined network; CloudGenix ION™ makes it remarkably easy to build the WAN you need with the network performance you want.

Implementing A Hybrid WAN

Say good-bye to traditional routing protocols and hello to savings of up to 50% of your WAN costs and an increase of up to 95% WAN throughput. CloudGenix ION allows you to combine disparate WAN networks—including MPLS, LTE, and internet links—into a single, high-performance hybrid WAN fabric.

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Improving Cloud Application Performance

Deploy cloud applications and SaaS across your enterprise in minutes using CloudFast technology from CloudGenix. Plus, get instant application performance monitoring without establishing a presence in the cloud provider.

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Establishing a Dynamic Security Perimeter

Establish a dynamic network security perimeter based on contexts that include groupings of specific applications, users, and/or branch VLANs. Keep contexts secure without re-configuring the network, deploying new hardware, or changing the network topology.

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Enabling a Software-Defined Enterprise

A software-defined enterprise (SDE) spans both the data center and the enterprise WAN, so you enjoy the same benefits in the WAN as you’ve come to expect in a SDDC. Reduce hardware costs and support more rapid network provisioning thanks to network virtualization.

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